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High blood pressure – also known as hypertension – is quite a common condition, even though causes are rarely pinpointed. Treatment is, however, quite important given the range of problems it can create. Dr. Meshkov is skilled in evaluating and treating high blood pressure, which, with active treatment, remains controllable, reducing the chances of complications. If you’re in the Abington, Pennsylvania area, make an appointment with Abington Cardiology to start controlling your hypertension now.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

What is hypertension and what toll does it take on your body?

High blood pressure is a combination of the amount of blood the heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow created by the arteries. When blood flow is high and arteries are narrow, hypertension results. Over long periods of time, and initially without symptoms, hypertension causes damage to both the heart and blood vessels.

Do symptoms emerge when hypertension reaches moderate levels?

Not necessarily. Blood pressure can reach dangerous levels in some people without symptoms at all. Others may experience headaches, nosebleeds or shortness of breath, but there’s often no pattern or regular occurrence until hypertension is severe. For those over 40 or younger with significant risk factors, blood pressure readings under medical supervision should occur a minimum of every two years. It’s common for blood pressure monitoring during routine health care, since the test is simple and without complications.

There’s a blood pressure machine in my pharmacy. Can I use that?

While these may be quite handy for monitoring minor changes, proper use, including the size of the cuff, may prevent accurate readings. Between visits to Abington Cardiology or your primary care physician, watch for free blood pressure screenings at health fairs and other events, where trained people administer the tests.

What are the prime risk factors for hypertension?

Age is a contributor to hypertension, as is sex. Men see increased risk after age 45 while women see it around age 65. Family history and racial background can also increase risk. Blacks tend to develop hypertension at earlier ages than whites. Carrying extra weight and living a sedentary lifestyle also put more strain on the cardiac system, resulting in higher blood pressure. Smoking and other tobacco use causes both temporary blood pressure increases and deterioration of artery walls. Too much sodium in the diet encourages fluid retention. This can be aggravated by potassium deficiencies. High stress levels also contribute to hypertension.

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