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External Reviews


★★★★★ by Kathleen S.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Meshkov's since 1985, I was 24 years old and in need of heart surgery for a valve replacement. Dr. Meshkov has been there for me in every aspect of my care. He is thorough, patient and genuine in his care and treatment. I never feel rushed during my appointments, he ensures that everything is explained and understood. Even during 2 pregnancies he supported me, called and spoke to the OB team caring for me to coordinate and monitor my cardiac status during pregnancy. I know that I can call him with any questions, concerns or needs. In 2006 I became severely ill and needed heart surgery again to replace my aortic valve, I never would have made it home to my family if it were not for his expertise and commitment to his patients. Forever my family and I will be grateful and thankful for the amazing doctor that he is."

★★★★★ by Ricardo S.

"Dr. Meshkov has been my cardiologist for almost 30 years. He is a professional and caring person with his patients. His attention, care and service has always been above and beyond his call of service. I entrust my care to him and would recommend him to my own family if needed."

★★★★★ by Jon B.

"Dr. Meshkov has done a great job of monitoring my heart condition over the past 6 years. I'm very pleased with his expertise. I would highly recommend him."

★★★★★ by Eva M.

"Dr. Meshkov was very thorough in helping me understand and manage my inappropriate tachycardia. He was the first doctor to actually notice something unusual on my EKG and to diagnose me with an arythmia. He is very knowledgeable in many areas of cardiology including the history behind disorders and medications. He took his time to explain my condition and answered all the questions I had patiently. If you are looking for a cardiologist with years of experience and expertise than Dr Meshkov comes highly recommended."

★★★★★ by Nei L.

"Dr. Meshkov is an awesome Cardiologist. He is very kind, caring, and a great listener; his patient's are very important to him, and he works hard to diagnose and treat his patient's. I honestly believe that he is the best Cardiologist in the city."

★★★★★ by Brad L.

"I cannot begin to express my satisfaction profound respect for the privilege of knowing Dr. Meshkov and having him care for me. I first met Dr. Meshkov in the emergency room 22 years ago after falling gravely ill and receiving the unfortunate diagnosis of renal failure. Being an extremely anxious person, I did not take this life altering news lightly. Dr. Meshkov with his personal knowledge and understanding assured me he would not abandon me and be there for me in my care. In each step of the way through dialysis and transplant he remained poised, professional, and reachable. To this day he remains the same. Dr. Meshkov spends ample time with you at office visits, listens to your concerns in a manner you never feel rushed. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Appointments are easy to schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Meshkov."

★★★★★ by Elizabeth K.

"Excellent cardiologist. Saving lives of his patients. I'm getting the best possible care and medication to treat my heart disease. I have full-confidence in Dr. Meshkov."

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