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Managing Blood Pressure at Home Using the Most Modern Technology


Who likes to check their own blood pressure at home? Not many of us. But control of blood pressure is a crucial part of long-term cardiac health. Millions of Americans have high blood pressure - Hypertension. After all of the years of research, the exact cause of hypertension is uncertain. What is known is that high blood pressure damages the heart, the brain, the kidneys, and the eyes, and that one of the greatest achievements in Medicine has been the use of medication to treat hypertension and lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and blindness.

Checking blood pressure in the doctor's office often results in elevation of blood pressure known as "white coat hypetension." Many people insist that their blood pressure is only elevated in the doctor's office and that it is normal outside the office.  But are they sure about that?

A recent great advance for patients is the use of technology such as Apple watches to monitor your heart rate. But monitoring blood pressure at home has been a problem for many people although there are accurate commercial home blood pressure monitors.

But now people can use a home electronic blood pressure monitor where the information is transmitted via the Internet to your doctor. I recently began using this service for much more accurate measurement of blood pressure over time. With this information, I can much better advise people about the control of their blood pressure and whether or not changs are needed in their medication or doses. Management of high blood pressure is a huge part of what a good cardiologist should do, and with this new tool my patients can look forward to much more accurate control of their blood pressure.

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